Pet Parent Tools

Helping Pet Parents Achieve the Maximum Benefits
We provide every Pet Parent a Treatment DVD that gives them insight as to the advantages of this form of treatment, what to do if the pet has an increase in symptoms or symptoms reappear while on treatment, what to do if they miss an injection, along with various other scenarios that may inhibit the pet from achieving the maximum benefits.

Staff & Technical Support

With Over 26 Years of Experience
We also provide your staff with technical support should a client contact you with any question or issues during treatment. With over 26 years of experience we have encountered just about every scenario and do not want any clinic to feel isolated in deciding on adjustments should they be necessary. While an increase in symptoms is rare, we are there to support you every step of the way. If a patient is experiencing an increase in symptoms please have the following information ready when calling:
  • date of last injection
  • vial color
  • dosage amount
  • symptoms
  • how soon after injection, symptoms occurred

toll-free: (800) 553-1391  (Vet/Technical staff Only)

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