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Everything you need to be set up for success!

Allergy Management Best Practices Guide

How to set your practice, clients, & patients up for success!

How to set your practice, clients, & patients up for success! This easy to read 15-page guide will walk you through all the best practices to fully utilize SPOT Platinum allergy testing and treatment in your clinic and get the best results possible.

Forms and Brochures

Order and Submission Forms, Brochures, Articles and More!

Download and view all the forms, brochures and articles you may need to submit a sample, proceed with treatment, promote allergy testing, or simply for education and re-education purposes.

Generate FedEX Shipping Labels

Sending a sample? The Shipping is on us!

Are you ready to send in a sample but just need the shipping label? Now you can generate that label online, print, and ship! Samples do not need to be placed on ice and will be sent via FedEX priority ground.

Request Supplies

Need supplies to submit a sample or keep around the office?

Whether you need tubes, envelopes, brochures or other marketing materials, you can now request it all online! Simply fill out the form and supplies will arrive shortly thereafter. It’s that easy!