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We Are Streamlining Our Food Database


We are in the midst of updating the food ingredients list in our allergy result reports. These adjustments will streamline the number of food recommendations your patients receive.  

We decided to make these changes because:

  • The database has grown so expansive, it is virtually impossible to maintain accurately
  • Patient’s food recommendations have become overwhelmingly lengthy
  • The database contains foods with ingredients we are no longer comfortable recommending

The final food database will:

  • Include updated food products made of 5 ingredients or less
  • Be free of foods with ingredients of questionable quality
  • Contain food manufacturer’s phone number and web address (rather than a physical address)

All hypoallergenic and veterinary prescription diets will remain in the database, regardless of the number of ingredients. Also, if an animal tests positive for a certain food mix, each ingredient in the mix will now print on the dietary results report, indicating a positive reaction.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your patients and look forward to the positive impact this will have on managing client’s dietary needs.

(Photo by 279photo on Shutterstock.)

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