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The Most Effective Allergy Treatment Ever

Our advanced hyposensitization provides patients true allergy relief and a higher quality of life

Spectrum Labs isn’t just known for its accurate allergy testing, but has also made a name for our comprehensive approach to treatment.

Since there is no known “cure” for allergies and the prospect of avoiding all the things your patient’s react to is unrealistic, we turn to hyposensitization to help us most effectively manage pet’s allergies.

Sublingual allergy drops are a great solution for pet parents who prefer a needle free option and/or have pets that have had issues tolerating allergy injections in the past. Proper and consistent administration are key to success.

This method requires daily administration and no food or drink 10 minutes before or after the drops for it to be effective!

Administering Allergy Drops

The video below shows pet owner’s exactly how to administer the allergy drops:

Sublingual Allergenic Extract Dosage Schedule, indications and Usage:

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