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The Most Effective Allergy Treatment Ever

Our advanced hyposensitization provides patients true allergy relief and a higher quality of life

Subcutaneous Injections

The most proven and effective delivery method

Shots are administered over a 9-month period and administered in increasing doses as well as gradual increases in concentration. The 3 vials of increasing concentration are supplied directly by Spectrum on a prescription basis to the testing veterinarian. The initial 9-month period of hyposensitization is followed by monthly maintenance shots.

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Sublingual Drops

Great solution for needle-shy or small patients

Sublingual allergy drops are a great solution for pet parents who prefer a needle free option and/or have pets that have had issues tolerating allergy injections in the past. Proper and consistent administration are the key to success with allergy drops. This method requires daily administration and no food or drink 10 minutes before or after the drops.

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Success Rates

Based on our results and strong patient compliance, we have found the following success rates:


Dietary Change Alone


Hyposensitization Alone


Hyposensitization and Diet Change

Before and After Treatment

Tools and Resources

We offer a large variety of tools and resources to ensure you and your patients get the best value and most effective treatment possible.

We offer treatment with up to 20 allergens in a single treatment set, often for a price that is a fraction of what other labs charge.

Spectrum Labs clients can login here to view past results, invoices, pay bills and much more.

Clients can setup a customized treatment calendar based on the date of their first injection to help ensure owner compliance with treatment.

In the rare event of a reaction, our technical services team is a phone call away. Open Monday-Friday 7am-5pm MST, we are here to answer your questions and work with you.

Our instructional videos on how to give injections or drops are quick and easy to help ensure owner compliance.

We have created an online YouTube page of helpful and instructional videos for you and your clients to help them through injections.

Spectrum has worked to simplify injection due dates allowing pet parents to get an email each day an injection is due. It also provides them with the pet’s name, volume amount and color of the vial.Virtually impossible to get off track!

Our testing and manufactured in-house in our state of the art USDA labs, allowing us to offer you the lowest possible price on treatment sets and refills.

Our USDA labs are state of the art, built to manufacture the highest quality, custom ordered hyposensitization treatment sets on the market. Click to tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the most commonly asked questions we receive

What is hyposensitization?

Hyposensitization is the state or process of being reduced in sensitivity especially to an allergen. Spectrum Labs utilizes this practice to introduce your animal’s immune system to offending allergens and reduce reactions.

Are there any dangers involved?
How effective is this form of treatment?
Okay, what about food allergies?

Don’t take our word for it

Here are just a few of the wonderful things our clients had to say about Spectrum Labs and SPOT Platinum.

  • The allergy testing and hyposensitivity shots your company provides for my patients has changed many of their lives. I really appreciate the affordability of your services. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!

    Kristina Keeth, DVM Hansford County Veterinary Hospital
  • We love working with Spectrum Labs, our patients have benefited greatly because of the help they received in dealing with their allergies. Everyone that we have every dealt with from Spectrum has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about what we and our patient need. Quick turn around time with allergy testing results and very easy to read results that give the clients information on how to best way to manage their pets allergies. Love your company and would recommend time and time again.

    Judy Kaasa Office Manager, Arch Animal Hospital
  • In our experience, the best results are achieved when a pet owner elects the platinum spot package– and that is what is recommended by us. Our clients are happy with the results, and our patients are more comfortable with hyposensitization combined with food allergen avoidance.

    Sherry Billett, DVM Peninsula Veterinary Service

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