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We love working with Spectrum Labs, our patients have benefited greatly because of the help they received in dealing with their allergies. Everyone that we have every dealt with from Spectrum has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about what we and our patient need. Quick turn around time with allergy testing results and very easy to read results that give the clients information on how to best way to manage their pets allergies. Love your company and would recommend time and time again.

The allergy testing and hyposensitivity shots your company provides for my patients has changed many of their lives. I really appreciate the affordability of your services. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!

In our experience, the best results are achieved when a pet owner elects the platinum spot package– and that is what is recommended by us. Our clients are happy with the results, and our patients are more comfortable with hyposensitization combined with food allergen avoidance.

In my own personal experience with your company I had my two Chinese cresteds tested. I had tried so many different foods to try and alleviate their allergy symptoms. After testing them I was shocked to see most of the foods I tried had a high react-ability in my dogs. So, I totally know how our clients feel when I hand them that book with their own dogs allergies listed. The relief to finally have a place to really start with managing their pets allergies instead of just doing the whole trial and error method.

Spectrum Labs does exceptional work! I love the client information booklets that we receive to give to our clients after their pet has had the allergy testing. They are very informative and give the testing even more value. I have been very pleased with Spectrum for their fast turnaround time. All of the patients we have put on allergy shots after testing have improved!

We have had a very easy and successful partnership with Spectrum. Results always are returned in a timely manner and the ability to order new or maintenance vials online makes every so much easier!

We have a great working relationship with Spectrum Labs, they are organized and easy to work with. Spectrum has allowed us to provide relief to so many of our allergy patients, that couldn’t get relief elsewhere. Testing and treatment is streamlined and the detailed information provided for our clients is extremely helpful.