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Complimentary Retests

Let us SHOW you why we’re great, at no cost.

The problem: You have a client who has tested their pets before via a “similar” method to the SPOT test, but had less than great results. How can you get them to make the investment again?

Our solution? Do the retesting at no charge with Spectrum’s complimentary retest program!

  • Do you have clients who have been allergy tested before but had less than stellar results with their treatment?
  • Have you tested patients only to have the pet parents opt to continue suppression therapy?
  • Have you been told by other labs that once a patient has been tested, even though you proceed with treatment you’ll need to retest every 2-3 years to see what new reactions have come up?

Let us retest that patient at no cost!

NOTE: Retests are only valid with a blood or intradermal test. Anything a pet owner can purchase retail and/or conduct without a veterinary USDA license is exempt from the program.

Effective immediately: Newly available preliminary panels, such as ImmuneIQ, are not permitted for retest. More information here.


As we always say: the proof is in the pudding!  Let us show you the benefits of SPOT Platinum and working with Spectrum Labs for your allergy testing and treatment, risk free to you. We have found over the years that many of our most satisfied and loyal customers began with a complimentary retest.

So, how does it work?

  • Make a copy of the patient’s previous results. These will need to be on the lab or dermatologist’s letterhead; printed patient records or in-house results will be returned.
  • Fill out order & history forms as detailed as possible.
  • Indicate on the order form that it is a competitor retest.
  • Attach previous results to order/history forms and package with serum sample.
  • Send it off using one of our pre-paid FedEx labels.
Please note clinics are limited to 5 retests!

Ready to start just need supplies?

NOTE: Supplies cannot be sent to P.O. boxes at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.