SPOT Test® Advantage

The Spectrum Labs Testing Advantage

Where other diagnostic labs may only showcase to your vet the top 10-12 reactions, Spectrum Labs shows where all the reactions are right up front. We do this because the more allergens an animal is exposed to at any one time increases the chance of allergy symptoms, as well as the extent of the reaction. By partnering our comprehensive SPOT testing and treatment methodology, it allows us to increase your pet’s tolerance faster and for a longer period of time; alleviating you, in most cases, from having to retest every few years. It is this approach, with you in mind, that has garnered us the industry’s highest success rates possible (up to 90%).

Serum allergy testing and treatment works to not only increase an animal’s tolerance to offending allergens, but with Spectrum Labs, it also provides the convenience of a steroid-independent testing methodology. This allows us to keep the animal comfortable during the diagnostic phase until such time as hyposensitization treatment begins. Accept no substitutes, ask your vet for the patented SPOT Test from Spectrum Labs.

Each allergen panel takes into account the weeds, trees, grasses, and insects prevalent in your area. Learn about the allergens that we test for in your area with our interactive allergy map.

The Spectrum Labs Treatment Advantage

Spectrum Labs isn’t just known for it’s sensitive and specific testing assay but has also made a name for our comprehensive approach to treatment. Since there is no known “cure” for allergies and the prospect of avoiding all the things your pet’s react to is unrealistic, we turn to hyposensitization to help us most effectively manage your pet’s allergies.

Injection Schedule (Click to Enlarge)

While other labs limit the number of allergens to 12-15, Spectrum increases the likelihood for quicker, more lasting relief by including up to 21 allergens in a single treatment set, often for a fraction of what other labs charge.

Treatment for allergies is via subcutaneous injections of the offending allergens. These shots are administered over a 9-month period and administered in increasing doses as well as gradual increases in concentration. The 3 vials of increasing concentration are supplied directly by Spectrum on a prescription basis to your veterinarian. The initial 9-month period of hyposensitization is followed by monthly maintenance shots.

Maintenance Schedule (Click to Enlarge)

Administering Maintenance Injections: Once the initial injection protocol is completed, it is necessary to maintain the pet’s increased tolerance to allergens. After an initial half dosage, maintenance injections are administered monthly and each set lasts approximately 8 months.